EMF dangers… is there a cover-up? Collusion? Conspiracy? What’s the difference? And, what’s the use?

The term “cover-up” is self-defining. Something is covered up; concealed.

In this case, the truth about the health hazards of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) or EMR (electromagnetic radiation) is suppressed; held down and discounted.

As for collusion and conspiracy, I have read dozens of definitions, all of which blurrrrrr the difference between the two. Makes my head explode.

To keep it simple, I like to think of it as two or more entities working together to accomplish increasing levels of deceit. Collusion, cover-up, conspiracy. They are all inter-related. And they all spell corruption.

The Who and Why of Collusion

We know the names and entities. It’s clearly about $$$.

  1. Cell Phone Companies
  2. WiFi Providers
  3. Utility Companies and “Smart Meters”
  4. Manufacturers of Electronic Devices
  5. Government
  6. 3rd Party Advertisers
  7. Lobbyists

They work together to perpetuate and expand their industries. Since they are enabled by government, their dealings are technically legal, but not necessarily ethical. It all adds up to money, money, money.

Did I say, “…not necessarily ethical”?

There are:

  • No pre-market studies proving the safety of this technology.
  • No long-term studies proving the safety of this technology.
  • “Safety standards” are seriously out-of-date and irrelevant to current usage.
  • No opportunity for an individual to opt-out of this ubiquitous technology.

It is EV-ery-where.

Money makes the world go ‘round.” And we know who is ridin’ high on the money.

Money EMFs

Just how much money are we talking about?

The money is globally e-NOR-mous. The global revenue made from telecom services is expected to reach almost 2.4 trillion Euros in 2019 (roughly US $2.88 trillion). The fastest-growing telecommunications market, is the Asia-Pacific region, followed by North America and Europe. [1]

The cover-up

There is no doubt about EMF dangers, no doubt that electromagnetic radiation has a biological impact. EMR/EMFs affect life at the cellular level –

  • Causes DNA breakage
  • Compromises the Blood-Brain Barrier
  • Weakens the immune system
  • Produces stress proteins
  • Causes inflammation
  • Disrupts cell communication
  • Alters calcium function
  • etc.

The above are well-documented, scientific facts. [2]

The debate comes down to the question – does it matter? And, since people are not dropping dead left and right, we can afford to do some more research, says industry. [3]

The truth is that there are close to 6,000 scientific, peer-reviewed research papers showing a strong correlation between electromagnetic radiation and a host of diseases and disorders.

The landmark study from the National Toxicology Program of the US Department of Health and Human Services concluded that there is “clear evidence” that radiation from cell phones causes cancer [4,5].

The research is robust and growing every day. However, industry-funded studies are almost two and a half times less likely than independent studies to find health effects. [6]

How do they do it? We know the mechanics!

Research on EMF dangers

It’s about obscuring the truth and creating doubt in order to keep the $$$ flowing — Just like the tobacco companies did between 1929 and 1990s. It’s easy, since consumers are fully on board.

There are important details in any study that must be meticulously adhered to and transparently reported. There are many ways that scientific mercenaries are able to misrepresent and minimize the truth of good research. They include:

  • Length of study—Research can simply be shortened, lacking sufficient duration to achieve results consistent with previous studies.
  • Choice of subjects—Lumping participants who rarely use their cell phones at all into a group of “heavy cell phone users,” predictably skews results.
  • The devil is in the details—Industry researchers are able to craft studies that are very close to the original, but leave out one important procedural detail, claiming that the results were not able to be replicated.
  • The whole truth and nothing but the truth—Research projects can be multifaceted. An announcement may quote a statement from a scientist regarding one small part of the project that seems to downplay the hazards of EMFs. But the announcement fails to cite subsequent statements of high concern, thus tipping the entire conclusion toward little concern.
  • Grouping dissimilar diseases together—It is true that not all kinds of brain tumors have increased. But some (Glioblastoma Multiform) have significantly increased. By lumping together all brain tumors, the alarming rise of GBMs is diluted.
  • Discredit the person(s)—Some brilliant and brave scientists have been accused of producing fraudulent findings, only subsequently to have been cleared. Regrettably, the reversal of the accusations are either not reported or buried in a subscript on the back page of something no one reads.
  • Do it till you get it right—Or till you get it wrong. If you repeat an experiment enough times, you will eventually get some ambiguity. Could be because the subjects were compromised in some way. Or some procedure was mishandled. I read about one such experiment that was re-run over and over, until finally, the numbers were such that it could be reported as, “inconclusive.” In this particular case, a lot of dogs had to suffer to achieve the “wrong” results.
  • Realistic Exposure Levels—DDT: Dosage, Distance, and Time are all critical factors in determining relevant results.
  • Source of Funding—An examination of 59 studies on cell phone safety was conducted comparing sources of funding with results and conclusions. Industry-funded studies were least likely to report a statistically significant result that suggested cell phone usage could be hazardous to one’s health. [7-15]

In spite of what I call “bureaucratic persecution,” good independent research continues to be published.

But remember – Industry and government agencies do not have to win the argument. They just have to keep the debate going. Keep doubt alive.

Consumers are complicit

Dangers of EMF devices

Let’s face it. Consumers are willfully ignorant.

We want the latest and greatest, fastest, cutting-edge electronic devices, because we love our stuff.

Technology isn’t a nasty habit (like tobacco) or a disgusting chemical (like formaldehyde).

Technology is cool. Sexy. Smart. Exhilarating!

It is inextricably woven into the fabric of our culture and commerce. So, it makes it easy for industry-friendly research to appeal to the masses with a wait-and-see attitude. And media dare not publish too many research reports that would agitate their top-dollar advertisers.

Report it? Sometimes. Industry rebuttal? Always. “And now a word from our sponsors.” And confusion is perpetuated.

Could there be a high-level conspiracy?

EMF dangers and money

This is speculative. If it exists, it is at such a high level that we would normally not be able to see it or identify entities and individuals. “They” may not be the same as their puppets involved in the collusion and cover-up, although they could be. Conspiracy is downright sinister.

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This is about unprecedented power. If it does exist, “they” are playing for keeps.

Let’s think BIG for just a moment.

If someone wanted to absolutely rule a country (or the world), what would they need?

  1. They would need an Infra-structure in place for surveillance and compliance assurance.
  2. They would need to control technology in order to control information.
  3. They would need to control financial transactions.
  4. They would need to control the military.
  5. Food, prescriptions, electricity, fuel, etc., all controlled by and the electrical grid.
  6. They would want to keep the population dependent (if not addicted) to the services under their control.

Is this happening in some countries already?

I recently got a small taste of how dependent we are on technology and the electrical grid.

During an enormous storm that resulted in massive power outages in the Pacific Northwest, I had a mini apocalyptic experience. Restaurants were closed. Couldn’t buy gas for my vehicle. ATMs were inoperative, so, couldn’t get cash. Pharmacy’s, markets, etc., all closed. No TV. It all went dark.

For a short time, I became intensely aware of my dependence on the power grid and all that I have entrusted to those entities controlling it.

And I wondered – who will control the power grid in future decades … and what tremendous dominance they could wield.

We can see and identify collusion and cover-up. But conspiracy is much more difficult. What is the end game of a conspiracy? Although highly speculative, I would venture that if there were a deeper conspiracy, money would be important; but only a side bar to the real goal – power… control.

Where could this possibly be going? Dr. Jeremy Naydler, author and philosopher writes about the disturbing scenario of the global electronic intelligence in, “5G – The Big Picture.” April, 2019 Retrieved from https://takebackyourpower.net/5g-the-big-picture/ [16]

And check out this edgy film, 5G APOCALYPSE – THE EXTINCTION EVENT. It is a full-length documentary by Sacha Stone exposing the 5G existential threat to humanity. If even half of this is true, yikes!

OK. The thought of a sinister conspiracy may be too big for right now. But tuck that thought in the back of your mind just in case it unfolds.

Let’s get back to the “little guys.”

Your cell phone provider and your utility company representative are not the enemy. Like the rest of the public, they are largely unaware of the issues, and accept the information provided to them. So, go easy on them. They, too, are victims of the cover-up.

The truth about EMF is out there, but as you know, you have to pull back many layers of deceit to find it. And while you may not be able to control cover-up, collusion, and conspiracy, you can control many things in your own world. So, let’s get to some solutions.

Five things you can do about this:

1/ Stay Woke. You do not have to be a victim of this cover-up.

Apart from this website here are some other great resources on EMF dangers:

The Environmental Health Trust: A wealth of both scientific knowledge and practical resources.

Parents for Safe Technology: Many resources including what various countries are doing around the world to create safe school environments

BioInitiative Report (Updated in 2017): Collates research from around the world.

Powerwatch: Up-to-date information on the health debate and government policies as well as research

Electromagnetic Health: Listen to Interviews with Scientists and Doctors

2/ Develop new, doable habits to use electronic devices more safely and lower your exposure to harmful radiation.

3/ Take advanced steps if necessary to reduce the EMF exposure in your own environment at home.

With the proliferation of 5G radiation and the resultant “densification” of smaller cell sites and antennas, professional consultation becomes increasingly important. Shielding may be necessary. Some options include:

  • Y-Shield shielding paint
  • Specially designed shielding foil
  • Window shielding
  • Shielding fabric, Faraday Canopies

The above things work well. But shielding can become complicated.

EMFs must be measured before and after to ensure that the intended effect is achieved. Since shielding is reflective, if it is not done properly, it can actually cause EMFs to “bounce around,” and result in higher levels.

There are also Dirty Electricity filters, which work well. In some rare cases there are complex wiring errors in a building which can adversely affect plug-in Dirty Electricity filters. There are a few people who are extremely sensitive to electronics (ES or EHS) who may feel worse with certain filters. So, if you plug in Dirty Electricity filters and you feel worse, remove them and contact a professional who can offer alternatives.

You can search for a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist in your area: International Institute for Building-Biology and Ecology (IBE)

These specially trained professionals will detect and remediate the EMR/EMF exposure in homes, businesses, and schools. Also, they have the training and experience to handle advanced solutions. Most offer phone consultation.

4/ Take preventative measures regarding your own health and immune system.

5/ Make a difference at the grassroots level.


  • Environmental Health Trust:
  • Parents for Safe Technology:
  • Manhattan Neighbors:

EMF dangers are real but we can take steps to reduce our exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation today. Share this information with everyone you know and love.

May your EMFs be low and your health high..!

Lois Cadwallader EMF writer

Many thanks to Lois Cadwallader for this guest post.

Author Bio: Lois Cadwallader, MA, has been a professional educator all her life. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and enjoys volunteering in after-school clubs, hiking and cycling. She is the co-author of Exposed: The Electronic Sickening of America and How to Protect Yourself – Includes Dangers of 5G and Smart Devices.

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