What are the Gs and they matter to you

Bigger, faster, better! 5G. That must be an improvement, right? When it comes to our mobile devices, we usually want anything that can deliver us fast, convenient service.

Speed and convenience are great, but often come with a price. In this case, EMF exposure. All electronic devices create electromagnetic fields or EMF. Some are more harmful than others.

For the last 8 years, 4G has been the network we have all used for our wireless devices. Even LTE was just improved 4G. 

But now, wireless companies are aiming to increase our speed and connectivity. The newest network will be called 5G, and some initial testing says it will be 20 times faster than the current network speeds.

The simple difference between them is that 4G uses lower frequency waves, and is therefore not as reliable or fast. By using the higher frequency of 5G, the waves are shorter, and they require a shorter distance between towers, or receptors, to send and receive them.  

The ugly, giant 4G towers—you see them all around your cities and towns—can have miles between them and still work. The new, 5G towers will require millions more mini cell receptors. They are about the size of a shoe box. They’ll be located on nearly every house, much closer than the old cell towers.

How does 5G affect us?

Having mobile internet speed that is 20 times faster than the current 4G might sound awesome!

The problem is that cell phones and other devices emit electromagnetic fields of radiation. It’s a sort of mini-microwave, with unseen radiation, that can cause harmful effects. The radiation from our mobile devices damages cell membranes and releases cancer-causing, free radicals.

The more powerful, shortwave radiation of 5G will bring about more potent health issues, both because of the smaller, more powerful radiation, and also because of the location of millions more receptor boxes, much closer than they were before.

Even the World Health Organization classified radio frequency radiation as a carcinogen.

In their hurry to be the first one to roll out the fastest network, cell companies and government regulation are not doing extensive research on the health effects. Since it was developed for military use, it hasn’t been tested thoroughly enough for public exposure.

We already know the effects 2, 3 and 4G have had from previous studies. 

Health Effects

Revealed this article, “World’s Largest Animal Study on Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link,” researchers in the U.S. and Italy both found the same types of tumors in the brain and heart in rats as a result of cell phone radiation.

Here are a few other ways studies have shown the EMF radiation can affect our health:

  • Changes how we metabolise cells
  • Causes psychiatric effects
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Neurodegenerative issues
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Heart flutters
  • Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat)
  • Fertility
    • It affected male fertility more than female fertility, but damage was noticeable in both
  • Changes cell development
  • Affects eyesight
  • Damages DNA
    • Causes breaks in the strands of our DNA
  • Introduces free radicals
  • Affects the nervous system
  • Affects skin
    • One study shows our skin absorbs this form of radiation through our sweat ducts.

How do you stop it from affecting you?

Now, I’m not saying that you need to throw away all your mobile devices.

My goal is always to encourage a balanced, healthy life. One of the things that can do damage to your health is this kind of EMF radiation. There are ways to lessen the damage and protect yourself.

The 5G network isn’t supposed to roll out until 2020, but with the rush to be the best and fastest network, many cities are starting to pioneer the technology.

It looks like until some new technology is developed, 5G and EMFs are here to stay. When cities begin to install these mini-boxes everywhere, there are ways you can protect yourself. But it will be impossible to completely avoid them.

Here are a few things you can do to minimize current contact with harmful radiation:

1. Keep your distance.

As always, I suggest keeping your cell phone outside of your room at night, and avoiding screens for the few hours before bedtime anyway. This is because of the effect blue light can have on your ability to sleep well. It’s also a good practice so you’re not marinating next to those radiation waves all night.

Don’t be afraid to use your phone, but do keep it in a separate bag if you’re carrying it. Don’t tuck it in your bra or pockets near your body. Be especially mindful of not keeping any devices near your heart or your womb if you’re pregnant! 

Also, do not use your devices while they are charging. Some estimates say it doubles your EMF exposure.

2. Turn it off.

When you are not using it, and especially at bedtime, just turn off your wifi.

It doesn’t completely eliminate EMF exposure, but it will reduce it!

3. Use specially designed headphones.

Consider using wired headphones for long phone calls to minimize close, prolonged contact with the device. I use Dr. Mercola’s Blue Tube Headsets. As it says on mercola.com, “Most cell phone headsets have a wire that can act like an antenna and magnify the radiation emissions all the way to the earpiece.”

Effective tools to really protect yourself. 

Even though 5G won’t be everywhere until 2020, here are some products you can use to decrease the effects of short wave radiation from your devices.

This is the best product I have found to use directly on your devices to limit the exposure:

It’s brand-new, game-changing technology. And that is why I also work directly with Aegea to get these powerful products onto people’s devices:

These are more expensive options, but offer home coverage: